Rules & Regulations

College Timings

  • 9.00 AM TO 4.30 PM (I YEAR)
  • 9.00 AM TO 4.15 PM (II YEAR)
  • 9.00 AM TO 4.00 PM (III YEAR)

General Rules

  • Students are expected to come atleast 15 minutes prior to the commencement of classes. Late coming should be avoided.
  • Generally students will not be allowed to leave the campus before 4.30 P.M.
  • Every student accepts the obligation to obey the rules and regulations of the Institution to preserve the property of the Institution and discharge his/her duties as a student with diligence, fidelity and honour.
  • Students are not permitted to possess, consume or distribute alcohol or harmful drugs (illegal narcotics) in or outside the campus.
  • Smoking or other forms of consumption of tobacco is strictly prohibited inside the campus. Bringing cell phones, i-pod, unwanted CDs, cameras, irrelevant magazines and photographs are also strictly prohibited inside the campus. Even they should not keep such things in the two wheelers also.
  • Students should not disturb the peace, destroy, damage, deface or remove (Institution's) property or injure a person under the guide of initiation, pledging, student celebrations or for any other purpose. This applies to individual students, organizations and groups of students.
  • Students are required to maintain socially accepted standards of morality.
  • Political activities of all kinds are prohibited.
  • A large mess hall with a capacity of 1300 members to dine at the same time enable all students and staff to have lunch. A large modern kitchen with steam cooking is attached to Mess Hall. Free lunch will be provided by the management to all the students. Students should not bring any food items from house/outside.
  • Requirement of attendance for successful completion of every course is 80%. All shortfalls will be reviewed by the Academic Committee.
  • Students inside the college campus should maintain cleanliness appropriately. They will also follow special restrictions in regard to attire or footwear as may be required by the Institution while working in the Laboratories, workshops, etc.,

Dress code


  • Boys should wear decent and formal shirts and pants with their shirts neatly tucked in.
  • They should not wear striped Pants and Jeans.
  • Each student will be issued with an identity card with his name, class, address and photo. They should wear the ID card in and around the campus.
  • White over coat for Physics & Chemistry Lab, Khaki Pant & Khaki Shirt for I year Basic Engineering Workshop, I year Books, Drawing Instruments, Record and Observation Note Books will be provided by the Institution. Students should not buy the above mentioned items from outside.


  • Girls should wear Half Sarees or Chudidhars with Dhupata. They should avoid sleeveless pattern of dresses, Short Chudidhars and high heels.
  • Each student will be issued with an identity card with her name, class, address and photo. They should wear the ID card in and around the campus
  • All students will conduct themselves with decorum and decency within the campus.


Central and State Government Scholarships are available as per Govt. Regulations. Further, the Polytechnic encourages students to get loans from various Government, bank and other Financial Organization. In addition, the Institution offers a limited number of Scholarships and assistantships based on merit as well as need to deserving candidates enabling them to earn as they learn.