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  The Panimalar Polytechnic college was established by our Chairman Col. Dr. Jeppiaar M.A, B.L, Ph.D., Chancellor, Sathyabama University to spread the wings of knowledge to the community of students. He is a person with a very good foresight and a wide-angled ideology. A man of many trades, he is a leading educationist, industrialist, and philanthropist who has left an indelible mark in almost all the fields he has traversed through. Simple living and high thinking is his way of life. With his unquenchable thirst for knowledge, he has completed research leading to Ph.D. in Water Resources Management at Anna University, Chennai. He is the Chancellor of Sathyabama University and the Founder and Chairman of Jaisakthi Educational Trust and Jeppiaar Educational Trust under which many management schools, engineering colleges, polytechnic are ably managed.

  He has dedicated himself completely for promoting technical education and his mission is to contribute to the growth of engineering profession with quality, moral and professional standards through the students of his college. Currently he is serving as an Advocate at the Chennai High Court and is the President of the Tamil Nadu State Self-Financing Engineering Colleges association. He is a member of the association of SAARC Universities.

The seeds he has sown have given birth to many organizations. His pursuit of excellence in the field of Technical Education has found its manifestation in the form of many institutions viz.,

  Sathyabama University
  Panimalar Engineering College
  Panimalar Institute of Technology
  Panimalar Polytechnic College
  Jeppiaar Engineering College
  Jeppiaar Institute of Technology
  St.Joseph Engineering College
  St.Joseph Institute of Technology
  SRR Engineering College
  Mamallan Engineering College
  St.Mary’s school of Management Studies.

To crown all he is an ideal humanitarian and a perfect patriot. As a multi faceted personality, he has clear long term social service plans such as a multi specialty hospital for all groups of society, women care education and multiple social awareness programs.

Overall he is an Epitome of Excellence


  Our Secretary and Correspondent, Dr. P. Chinnadurai, M.A., Ph.D., is the forerunner in implementing the vision of our chairman which is to foster excellence in education. His aim is to enable the college to break into a top notch private institute of the country through continued dedication to the cause of knowledge dissemination and giving out the radiance of knowledge and wisdom.

A few of his goals are:

  To make the students realize that discipline is necessary to succeed in life.
  To train the students to excel in communication skill
  To inculcate high moral and professional standards among our students
  To develop overall personality of the students.

  He was awarded Ph.D. in Tamil literature by the University of Madras for his thesis on “Humanitarianism in the poems of Subramanya Bharathiar”. He has been a Member of Academic Council, Anna University in 2006-09. He was the Syndicate Member for Periyar University, Salem for three years. He was also the President of Association for Unaided Polytechnics in Tamil Nadu. In achieving the objectives, he is ably assisted by our Directors Smt. C. Vijaya Rajeswari, Thiru. C. Sakthi Kumar. He is known for his untiring efforts. He inculcates a spirit of learning and discipline in students at the campus. His notions of discipline and its implementation have taken the institution to the pinnacle of glory. He never compromises in giving top class facilities to the students. He always insists on the quality of education which enriches the student’s lives even after leaving the campus. With his ever nourishing influence, students make a mark in the leading corporate.

  He encourages the students as well as the staff to undertake research projects. He has introduced cash awards for the toppers and staff who produce excellent results.

He is the Person who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way


 Our college owes to Directors Tmt.C.Vijaya Rajeswari , Mr.Sakthi Kumar M.E., M.Phil., who are focussed in bringing out the true potential of our college. The directors are of the opinion that it is the responsibility of the educational institutions to empower the young techno brains of India so that the younger generation will succeed in the global mainstream

 Tmt.C.Vijaya Rajeswari keeps the founding vision of the chairman alive through her participation in the curricular and extracurricular activities of the college. She follows Dr. Jeppiaar's mission of inculcating excellence in all her endeavors.


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